We deliver carrier-class cloud PBX and hosted business phone services with all the features organisations expect from a traditional phone system — plus unifed communications.

Services such as instant messaging, mobile apps, video conferencing and more. We take all the guess work away by offering a cost efective, pay-as-you-grow, service.

No skimping on quality or features, with a better bottom line and ongoing innovative services year after year.

  • Our platform is NBN-ready so when the NBN comes to your area you can confidently migrate across without having to upgrade or replace hardware.
  • Our platform is locally hosted. Most other providers are overseas and subsequently can have significant lag associated.
  • A user friendly portal that only shows our customers what they need to see and nothing else.
  • Realtime built in Fraud Detection that not only detects fraudulent activity but proactively blocks the offending user. This alleviates unexpected large bills from fraudulent call traffic.