Just a reminder warning to you all of a phone scam that has been around for a while now but seems to be resurfacing in an attempt to compromise your computer. A Microsoft engineer (supposedly) tells you they have had reports of your computer being infected and by remotely connecting into your computer they can prove by showing errors in your event log.


As well as that they have you run some commands and explain to you that they can verify they are in fact Microsoft as they can quote a product key (which is the same on all Microsoft machines). If you received these calls, please hang up immediately as Microsoft under no circumstance will call you to provide support directly. We have had similar reports of calls but the Microsoft Fake Phone Calls seems to be the most common currently.


This is a great opportunity also to remind everyone the importance of having a reliable backup and good antivirus of your system as once a PC becomes infected, sometimes is very hard to undo the damage made.


We recommend Webroot SecureAnywhere which has proven to be very effective in preventing virus and malware infections.. get in touch with us in the office on 3123 7929 if you want to look at getting Webroot for you.

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